What to Expect When You're Expecting

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Hold it right there. I am NOT pregnant.

Allow me to explain.

I write blogs (mainly on food - see Extra Chewy). I also read blogs. But you know, when you arrive at Google and start typing the words that you think you need to type in to find THE answer to your question; you are looking for that "right" website, that "right" blog. That, my dear, is what we call an expectation. The expectation that it will solve all your problems (ok maybe not all) and give you that answer that you have been looking for. I know I do. Isn't life just full of surprises and expectations?

So what should you expect to see at Extra Flavours? I plan on using this space for everything non-food related (I mean common, I thought "Beyond Extra Chewy" is pretty self-explanatory...until a friend asked me what it meant). I was actually inspired by Life's Affair. Every time I read one of her posts, I want to write her a lengthy response or add to what she's posted. So this place is going to be my outlet to share  my thoughts and feelings. It could be about something I read. It could be about a Podcast I listened to. It could be about a product I used (see ..I'm an Influenster), A good deal I found. Maybe I'll even share discount codes? As time goes on, you will find specific tabs at the top of the site ^ guiding you to your area of interest.

If there are anything you want me to try and give my 2 cents to, drop me a line via Twitter... or you can leave me a comment below! I'll have something set up soon so that you can e-mail me directly.

Have a happy visit!